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Maximize your experience — not just for ice cream, but for life as well with our latest DIONE ice cream collection. Perfected way to MAKE YOUR DAY!

Fill up the form to tell us what you need and we will make it happen! Based on your need we will share a box of a variety of our unique ice cream

Our passion for ice cream dates back to 1950 when we first started developing a recipe that would be rich in flavour, natural and just as importantly – embrace the highest quality ingredients.
As a family business based in Lithuania we make the best of clean air, vast green plains and fast-paced decision making

We collect milk from grass-fed cows that roam free in pasture and spend less time crowded.

In search of the best ingredients we make sure they originate from places where their taste and quality is represented best worldwide.


Sicilian Pistachio

500 ml/400 g, 6 pcs/box
120 ml/96 g,16 pcs/box


Mango Passionfruit Chia

500 ml/390 g, 6 pcs/box
120 ml/105 g,16 pcs/box


Hard Cheese Cranberry

500 ml/400 g, 6 pcs/box
120 ml/90 g,16 pcs/box


Peanut Butter

500 ml/380 g,6 pcs/box


Chocolate Hazelnut

500 ml/360 g, 6 pcs/box


Vanilla Salted Caramel

500 ml/340 g,6 pcs/box

Heart-shaped premium vanilla ice cream with smooth Belgian white chocolate coating, reflecting colors of the universe. Most beautiful things are natural and our modern technology allows us to create iconic colors for each piece using only and truly natural colors.

Starlight Love Multipack

3×80 ml/180 g, 6 pcs/box

Starlight Love

80 ml/60 g, 11 pcs/box

For more information please contact us
at dione@dione.lt and visit our
website dioneicecream.com

Salted Caramel

90 ml/69 g, 30 psc/box

Sicilian Pistachio

90 ml/70 g 30 psc/box

Vanilla Mango

90 ml/70 g, 30 psc/box

Vanilla Almond

120 ml/86 g, 22 pcs/box

Peanut Butter

120 ml/86 g, 22 pcs/box

Vanilla Cookie Dough

500 ml/300 g, 6 pcs/box

Vanilla Stracciatella

500 ml/305 g, 6 pcs/box


Mini Vanilla Almond Peanut Butter

6×60 ml/282 g, 6 pcs/box

Vanilla Almond

4×90 ml/316 g, 6 pcs/box

Peanut Butter

4×90 ml/312 g, 6 pcs/box

Vanilla Almond

90 ml/79 g, 20 pcs/box

Peanut Butter

90 ml/78 g, 20 pcs/box