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    Our passion for ice cream dates back to 1950 when as a family business we first started developing a recipe that would be rich in flavour, natural and just as importantly – embrace the highest quality ingredients.

    In search of the best ingredients for our ice cream we look at options for locally sourced materials first and with the more exotic ones we make sure they originate from the most renowned places where their taste and quality is represented best worldwide.

    Here we are now, many decades later, at the point in our journey where we can proudly share the ultimate collection of flavours, perfected by the wisdom of time and fine-tuned to trends of the ever-changing world.


    Ready to

    Pistachio pag x 4 - Copy

    4×90 ml/280 g, 11 pcs/box

    Mango pag x 4

    4×90 ml/280 g, 11 pcs/box

    Salted caramel pag x 4 - Copy

    4×90 ml/276 g, 11 pcs/box

    Creamy Vanilla
    5 ml/70 g, 28 pcs/box

    Experience a magical Gianduja combination of cocoa and hazelnut which makes the chocolate especially smooth and soft. Forget about breaking chocolate and enjoy the perfect softness.

    Salted Caramel
    90 ml/69 g, 30 pcs/box

    Our take on French classics of salted caramel swirling through silky smooth caramel ice cream, dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and packed with crunchy caramel pieces.

    Vanilla Mango
    90 ml/70 g, 30 pcs/box

    A timelessly refreshing taste to awaken your senses. Vanilla, sun-kissed Alphonso mangoes from India and passion fruit ice cream with mango pieces and chia seeds dipped in white Belgian marbled chocolate.

    Sicilian Pistachio
    90 ml/70 g, 30 pcs/box

    Italian romance breathing Sicilian pistachios, growing at the bottom of Etna volcano, in unforgettable combination with smooth Belgian white chocolate with roasted almonds.


    Gluten free


    120 ml/96 g, 16 pcs/box
    500 ml/400 g, 6 pcs/box


    Alphonso Mango
    Passionfruit Chia

    500 ml/390 g, 6 pcs/box
    120 ml/105 g, 16 pcs/box

    DIONE Salted Caramel 475 ml
    Gluten free

    Salted Caramel

    500 ml/340 g, 6 pcs/box

    Gluten free

    Hard Cheese

    500 ml/400 g, 6 pcs/box
    120 ml/90 g, 6 pcs/box

    DIONE Chocolate Hazelnut 475 ml
    Belgian chocolate


    500 ml/360 g, 6 pcs/box

    REAL cream
    & FRESH milk

    As a company based in Lithuania we make the best of clean air and vast green plains. Milk is collected from grass-fed and well-groomed cows that roam free in pasture during the warm seasons and spend less time crowded. During the winter season cows are protected from the cold in enclosed spaces. Furthermore, we are in control of milk quality all the way from pasture to production. It takes only 48 hours to fully make our delicious ice cream.

    Only the highest quality and carefully selected Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate is being used for our ice cream. Rainforest Alliance program is creating a more sustainable world and supporting environmentally friendly and resposible agriculture.

    True love
    is SWEETER
    than sugar

    Peanut Butter

    4×90 ml/312 g, 6 pcs/box

    Vanilla Almond

    4×90 ml/316 g, 6 pcs/box

    Vanilla Almond

    90 ml/79 g, 30 pcs/box

    Peanut Butter

    90 ml/78 g, 30 pcs/box

    Vanilla Strawberry

    90 ml/74 g, 30 pcs/box

    Vanilla Cookie Dough

    475 ml/300 g, 8 pcs/box

    Vanilla Stracciatella

    475 ml/300 g, 8 pcs/box

    Peanut Butter Chocolate

    475 ml/310 g, 8 pcs/box

    Vanilla / Chocolate

    100 ml/62 g, 15 pcs/box

    Our dream was to spark a new light on a classic duet of pure creamy vanilla ice cream and Belgian white chocolate. We created the iconic shape ice cream with a uniqueness of each individual bar to create a one of a kind experience. For many reasons to celebrate life in a special way.

    80 ml/60 g, 16 pcs/box

    3×80 ml/180 g, 6 pcs/box

    90 ml/67 g, 28 pcs/box

    Unique shape cinnamon ice cream with smooth Belgian marbled chocolate created to make one of a kind experience. Let it be Magic!

    90 ml/67 g, 16 pcs/box

    4×90 ml/268 g, 11 pcs/box

    For special ice cream – special packaging designed with great attention to details and inspiration derived from holiday spirit. A secret and special touch inside the box – make a decoration by yourself to get he final touch and create one of a kind experience.