Dione Specials

DIONE Specials

Summer Breeze Cocktail


 3 scoops of DIONE mango – passion fruit sorbet with chia seeds
 300 ml of milk

All ingredients blended together and served with an extra scoop of DIONE mango passion fruit sorbet and favourite berries on top. I’M melting from YOUR PASSION. Hold me tight.

Chocolate Pancakes


  2 eggs
 Cup of sugar
 Cup of milk
 Cup of cocoa
 Cup of flour

When they ask you to choose either chocolate, hazelnuts or biscuits, but you actually want all three. WE FEEL YOU! ENJOY Eggs, sugar, milk, cocoa and flour well mixed until smooth and thick texture dough for pancakes. Extra flour added if necessary to reach the thickness. Desired size warm pancakes served with rich in flavour DIONE chocolate ice cream with hazelnut cream and cocoa biscuits. Nuts and chocolate pieces may be added for the final touch.