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Share the happiness with your friends and loved ones. More flavours in one convenient and luxurious package. If you are about to visit someone, thank or simply apologize, it is a perfect alternative to a box of sweets or a slice of pie.

Vanilla caramel peanut

Sport sets us free, sport fills us with energy. You and your treadmill breathe in unison. The last meters. Finish line... Check your smartwatch. Yes, record achieved. Your face shines: you‘ve won and deserved a prize. Various thoughts running through your mind: another time I will run more, I will be faster, hmm, I need something refreshing. Water is great but today you‘ve deserved more... A healthy royal desert. Here it is. Vanilla bar - a sinful pleasure refreshing your body. Crispy layer of real Belgian chocolate, vanilla ice cream and sweet caramel. A total bliss to any winner, and not only... Please, share with your friends.

A bar of vanilla ice cream with running caramel filling, roasted peanuts and a thick glaze of real Belgian chocolate. A little sin… Refresh your body with a portion of royal ice cream, but be careful, one might not be enough. 100% natural ice cream, made out of fresh milk and cream, real Belgian chocolate and carefully selected ingredients. Without colour additives, flavour enhancers. Suitable for vegetarians.
Belgian milk chocolate(38%)
Natural vanilla,
Caramel filling(20%),
Cream (12%), natural milk(11%)
May contain alergens. et.


The highest quality 100% natural ice cream are  made with love and passion. We carefully select ingredients: use only natural raw milk and fresh cream, real Belgian chocolate, natural vanilla. DIONE ice cream - a healthy daily habit, ideal for people taking care of their health. It does not contain GMOs, do not use any colorings, sweeteners, fragrances overhead, vegetable fat. All the ice cream is suitable for vegetarians. People allergic to gluten will also find what to choose. It's a royal dessert in fashion tastes, stylish packagings,  exceptional compositions - will please even the most discerning gourmands of ice cream.


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