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Your healthy daily habit. It‘s a dessert creating new trends in the culture of consumerism. Be classy and stylish with Dione. Boxes of more than 12 various, popular flavours of horeca ice creams will be a perfect choice for your restaurant, cafe, ice cream shops or the biggest sweet tooth. You and your guests will be pleasantly surprised... Whole more then 12 tastes of premium horeca ice cream are made from natural ingredients. We use only raw milk end frech cream, best ingredients from this side of the World where are best conditions to grow. Depening of flavours, we use real Belgian chocolate. You should taste all of them and choose your favorite. We convinced that you will enjoy and fall in love in all of them. Perfect and unique compositions, tasts, ingredients of our ice creams - royally delicious finishing of your gourmet dinner.


What could be better than a subtle perfect ball of ice cream ... Classic, loved around the world natural vanilla premium dairy ice cream. The distinctive texture of vanilla ice cream pleasantly melts in your mouth. You can try natural vanilla ice cream duo with  strewed fresh berries - simple, but perfect gourmet dinner ending.
100% natural Premium dairy vanilla ice cream:
whole milk and fresh cream,
natural vanilla.
Suitable for vegetarians.
We don't use preservatives,
vegetable fat,
artificial flavours and colours.

Natural milk (50%), fresh cream (23%),
sugar, milk powder, whey powder (milk),
glucose syrup, dextrose,
emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids),
stabilizers (sodium alginate, locust bean gum, sodium pyrophosphate),
natural vanilla flavour.
Traces of wheat, soy and nuts may be present.


The highest quality 100% natural ice cream are  made with love and passion. We carefully select ingredients: use only natural raw milk and fresh cream, real Belgian chocolate, natural vanilla. DIONE ice cream - a healthy daily habit, ideal for people taking care of their health. It does not contain GMOs, do not use any colorings, sweeteners, fragrances overhead, vegetable fat. All the ice cream is suitable for vegetarians. People allergic to gluten will also find what to choose. It's a royal dessert in fashion tastes, stylish packagings,  exceptional compositions - will please even the most discerning gourmands of ice cream.


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