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The highest quality 100% natural ice cream are  made with love and passion. We carefully select ingredients: use only natural raw milk and fresh cream, real Belgian chocolate, natural vanilla. DIONE ice cream - a healthy daily habit, ideal for people taking care of their health. It does not contain GMOs, do not use any colorings, sweeteners, fragrances overhead, vegetable fat. All the ice cream is suitable for vegetarians. People allergic to gluten will also find what to choose. It's a royal dessert in fashion tastes, stylish packagings,  exceptional compositions - will please even the most discerning gourmands of ice cream.


Enjoy the ice cream, just the two of you. You and an elegant portion of a royal dessert on a stick. Exceptional combinations of the most popular flavours, carefully selected ingredients, natural milk and fresh cream and crispy Belgian chocolate. And no spoon necessary. Well, unless you want to share.


A special royal ice cream dessert, for those, who love the classic combination of ice cream, chocolate and a delicious pastry. Crunchy sugar cone with an ideal portion of premium ice cream – a joyous moment with a happy ending: down to the last drop of chocolate in the cone… A real blessing.


Share the happiness with your friends and loved ones. More flavours in one convenient and luxurious package. If you are about to visit someone, thank or simply apologize, it is a perfect alternative to a box of sweets or a slice of pie.


Your healthy daily habit. It‘s a dessert creating new trends in the urban culture. Be trendy and stylish with Dione. Boxes with more then 12 diferent popular flavours of Premium horeca ice cream will be a perfect choice for your restaurant, cafe, ice cream shops or if your family are  the biggest sweet tooth. You and your guests will be pleasantly surprised...


When you want more DIONE. Get ready to savour this luxurious ice cream dessert even in a big crowd. A big package of Premium ice cream will fulfil all your culinary ideas: from a side to a delicious hot pie to fancy desserts... There can never be enough of ice cream.


The unique experience now available in exclusive tubs. More taste, more real flavour, more indulgence. Velvety dairy and fruity ice cream collection with rich and natural ingredients.


When you want a bite of something sweet with your coffee or you simply need to recover. Our unique, ice cream bars with perfectly balanced flavours and exclusive shape is just what you need in such moments. It tastes extraordinary, so you‘ll definitely want more...


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