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DIONE ice cream rises from the Lithuania- land and of nature: fresh air, fresh food, blue as crystal lakes and rivers, green nature and Happy cows.
 DIONE – 100% natural PREMIUM dairy ice cream with pure ingredients:
  • Dairy ice cream comes from natural whole milk and fresh cream of „Happy Cows“, which are running free in the fields, esating green grass, breathing fresh air and spending less time crowded. We don‘t use reconstituted milk.
  • Real Belgian chocolate. Belgians were the first in Europe, who began producing chocolate. Also,they were the first, who invented special chocolate producing technology, when chocolate simply melts in mouth. Belgian chocolate supplier has their own cocoa tree plantations in Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. They select only the best quality, exclusionary beans for Belgian chocolate producing. They control the entire chocolate-making process from bean to chocolate.
  • Only natural and exclusive ingredients, from this side of the World, where are best conditions to grow. We use only natural vanilla.
  • Suitable for people who care about their health. Ice cream does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), preservatives, vegetable fat, sweeteners, colourings and flavourings. Ice 100% suitable for vegetarian and contains less lactose.
  • It is a healthy ice cream dessert. Natural raw milk has valuable milk proteins and is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, which are nevessary for human body.


It started in 1948. Out of great love for ice cream, knowledge and determination. Although „Klaipėdos pieninė“, which was prosperous between the wars was destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt an in 1950 it started manufacturing ice cream. We uphold the traditions, so we are happy to use the experience gained through the decades, try unique recipes and guarantee an exceptional quality of our products.
Our history is very rich, marked with hard work, continuous improvement, eagerness to try out new things and to make the most perfect ice cream:
1971: the first portion of ice cream on a stick produced industrially.
November, 2007: first DIONE premium ice cream produced.
2010: production of unique in shape and taste ice cream bars DIONE
2012: real BELGIAN chocolate was introduced as a glaze of DIONE ice cream which replaced Italian chocolate.
Our company is part of a world known group of companies: “Žemaitijos pienas“, AB, which produce hard cheese DŽIUGAS and other high quality milk products. The deepest well of mineral water in Europe, the source of natural mineral water “TICHE“, is also a part of this group. More information can be found: and
This continuous need to improve and make every effort, to share the experience and create exceptional ice cream, putting all the passion and love into the production and sparing no energy, creates perfect DIONE ice cream and you can feel it with every bite.


The company has integrated food safety and quality management system, with regards to the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 and the BRC standards.
The constant control of ice cream quality includes the assessment of the substances, technological process, production conditions and storage of the final product.
Only natural raw milk and cream are used for the production of DIONE ice cream. Their quality is carefully examined by the “Independent Research Laboratory“.
All the ingredients and packaging materials are carefully selected from reliable suppliers and they have to meet the highest requirements.
Good technical state of the equipment and daily control of its sanitary condition allows for high quality manufacturing process.
In order to guarantee quality and safety of products, physicochemical, microbiological and radiological research are systemically carried out.


All our ice cream are certified, safe to consume and have a high quality as well as meet the specific requirements. The company meets the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard, introduced in 2010. It is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 23 thousand manufacturers in 123 countries. This is the most important proof, that a manufacturer will guarantee the highest quality of its production.

The company also follows ISO 22000 standard (Food Safety management System), introduced in 2009.  The company’s activities are regularly inspected by Bureau Veritas Certification, an international certification company.

"HALAL Correct garantie" certificate officially confirms, that DIONE is suitable for religious Muslims.


DIONE is a goddess, whose beauty, charm, and seductions, according to Greek mythology, were irresistible even to the gods. Everyone who saw Her – fell in love with her and could not forget. DIONE ice cream, just like goddess herself is unpredictable, original and perfect. Let Let Her touch Your lips and Your dreams will come true... Time will stop for a minute allowing You to enjoy the shivers of satisfaction run down Your body and mind. Ah, DIONE, You are the only one!

DIONE in the World

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